Welcome to the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club (RHADC). Whether you are visiting the club for the first time or considering whether to apply for membership or maybe looking to hold a function at the very popular RHADC, let me tell you a bit about us.

The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club was founded in 1882. The following year H.R.H. Princess Louise visited Bermuda and while here, granted the Club it’s Royal Charter. Over the years, the “Royal” designation was dropped, but after application to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II it was decided to reapply and confirmation was received in 1953. The R.H.A.D.C. remains the only “Royal” Dinghy Club in the world. The original flag of HDC (Hamilton Dinghy Club) still remains framed and displayed proudly on the club premises.

We are a club dedicated to the advancement of sailing as a sport and we strongly encourage all juniors involvement in the sport of sailing. Accordingly we participate in and sponsor a number of sailing regattas and related activities, with the biennial Marion-Bermuda race being one of our most famous. In addition, we provide year-round sailing instruction to both junior and adult sailors and boast the largest junior sailing fleet in Bermuda including the O’pen BIC class very popular with our junior sailors. In fact in 2014, RHADC hosts the O’Pen BIC North American Championships here. We are also the host club of the Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Association. Our dedicated crew the Elizabeth II competes in the annual series of dinghy races from St. George’s to Somerset. Fitted Dinghy racing is a wonderful Bermuda tradition that begins each year on May 24th and runs to the end of August, exciting races not to be missed. RHADC is also host club of the very popular Wednesday Night Sailing events which run from late April to mid September. That always draws a fun crowd back the club for music and a great BBQ on the patio.

That said, RHADC is not only about sailing. In addition to sailing, we are a vibrant club that highly values its social members and their guests. We offer a most friendly and welcoming social atmosphere. Our location at the East end of Hamilton Harbour offers spectacular sunset views and harbour views straight out over our marina. You can enjoy the views of the harbour daily or any evening whether over a casual drink, lunch on the patio, the ground floor bar area or even our upstairs dining room where the food is some of the best on the island. One popular favorite here is our Friday Pub Night dinners. We also have our own “bouncy castle” and even a small gym on site. Of course we still have our long standing Snooker Room and RHADC has ample parking for all sizes of events.Our marina with over 100 berths is very diversified and occupied 50% by motorboats of all sizes. We have a large property and good storage area with racks to store your favorite Kayak, canoe, Laser or the many other types of sailing dinghy or even for your punt to access your boat in Hamilton Harbour. We welcome applications for membership.

We also have several meeting rooms and are happy to provide meeting space and dining options for external functions from wedding receptions to small to medium sized seminars in a pleasant environment.

With that brief introduction, welcome to our Club! Come and visit, look around and we trust you’ll like what you see.

Neil Redburn

R.H.A.D.C. is proud to partner with The Bermuda Tourism Authority